Letter on the need to rethink traffic in Oxford as many people do NOT use cars for shopping journeys:

letter CATG rethinking traffic 16 4 2023

Letter on Traffic Filters leaflet 9 1 2023:

Letter CATG traffic filter leaflet 9 1 2023

Letter supporting City and County Councils on Traffic Filters for 6 major roads:

letter CATG Councils Traffic Filters 4 12 2022

Letter responding to article by Cllr Pete Sudbury, County Council Cabinet:

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Letter LTNs have reduced traffic, 31 7 2022:

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Letter LTNs 17 7 2022:

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Letter LTNs 10 7 2022:

letter CATG LTNs letters in OT 10 7 2022

Letter TEMPLATE for County Council decisions on LTNs 19 7 2022:

Letter TEMPLATE on LTN decisions 19 7 2022

Letter on cost of living, cutting traffic and LTNs 12 6 2022:

letter CATG cost of living LTNs 12 6 2022

Letter Air Pollution consultations 22 5 2022

letter CATG air pollution consultations 22 5 2022

letter CATG Congrats councillors 8 5 2022  

High Traffic Neighhourhoods: the real goal of opponents of LTNs?

letter CATG high traffic neighbourhoods 1 5 2022

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods are good for local businesses:

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Letter on the Zero Emissions Zone in Oxford: but it is really an Ultra Low Emissions Zone:

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Letter on the Oxford City Centre Plan proposals: main limitations:

letter CATG HD SD on City Centre Action Plan

Letter on the low quality cycle route offered by Headington Hill:

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Letter on the transport and water implications of building at Grenoble Road:

letter CATG Grenoble Road October 2021

Letter on possible dualling of A420:

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Letter on cycling safety issues:

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Letter on illegal e-scooters 23 9 2021

letter CATG e scooter illegalities 23 9 2021

Letter stressing the absence of Adaptation to the Climate Emergency in the Oxford City Plan 2050 consultation:

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Letter listing the many places in Oxford that already had traffic reduction measures before Low Traffic Neighbourhoods were introduced:

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Letter noting the continuing delay to installation of Bus Gates:

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Letter in support of Health professionals advocating for Low Traffic Neighbourhoods:

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Letter on the Oxford Pedestrians Association team of ‘human bollards’:

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Letter on County attempt to drop Public Right of Way in Temple Cowley:

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Our 3rd edition of the Cowley Area Transport Strategy is out (see REPORTS on this website):

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Missing links in recent transport consultations, 21st December 2020 letter:

letter CATG Transport missing issues 21 12 2020

We need traffic reduction

Traffic levels are now above pre-Covid levels leading to overcrowding on Oxford’s roads and to more irate, impatient drivers and more dangerous driving. We badly need proper traffic reduction measures – not just ghostly white outlines of bicycles on the road.

It is now more than  two years since the Gilligan report, Running out of Road, said that Oxford’s urgently needs safety measures for cycling across junctions and three years since the City Council adopted the Claudia Charter demanding high standard cycling provision at junctions. Yet we still have no safe junctions in Oxford. In fact, the County Council has just decided not to go ahead with two bus gates which would have helped reduce traffic levels.

lett response temple cowley ltn 31 7 2020

letter CATG Danny Yee Col 26 7 2020

lett response temple cowley ltn 31 7 2020

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