Our Consultation Submissions

Submission on West Oxfordshire Local Plan, regarding Oxford-Witney rail line:

Submission CATG West Oxfordshire L Plan 12 10 2023

Submission to consultation on rail station ticket office closures, 10th July 2023:

Submission CATG Ticket office closures 7 7 2023

Submission to the Government’s next stage of road building (RIS3), 29th June 2023:

Submission CATG DFT Shaping destiny of Engl Strategic Roads PART ONE on Analysis doc

Submission to Draft National Policy Statement for National Networks, 3rd April 2023:

Submission to National Networks consultation 4 2023

Submission on ANPR use in selected eastern Oxford areas, 23rd March 2023:

Submission CATG ANPR substitution 3 2023

Submission on Oxpens re-development proposals, 25th February 2023:

Submission CATG Oxpens redevelopment 2 2023

Submission to Cowley Marsh Recreation Ground new cycling proposals 12/2022:

Submission CATG Cowley Marsh cycle route 12 2022

Submission to Traffic Filters consultation by County Council: 7 9 2022

Submission CATG Traffic Filters 7 9 2022

Submission to Central Oxfordshire Travel Plan consultation 25 8 2022:

Submission CATG Central Oxfordshire Travel Plan 25 8 2022

Submission to consultation on West End and Osney Mead area Special Planning Document, 14th July 2022:

Submission CATG West End and Osney Mead SPD 14 7 2022

Submission to the 2022 consultation on Oxfordshire’s Local Transport Plan, deadline 16th March 2022:

Submission LTCP Questionnaire 9 2 2022

This is a submission to a 2020 consultation on the LOCAL TRANSPORT PLAN, of use to those planning to comment on the current County consultation on the Local Transport Plan, which ends on 16th March 2022:

Submission CATG Local Transport Plan

Submission to consultation on Oxford City Centre Action Plan, 8 12 2021:

Submission CATG Oxford City Centre Action Plan 2021-2030

Submission to final consultation on Quickways for cycling in Oxford, 6 12 2021:

Submission CATG Quickways final consultation 6 12 2021

Submission to Oxfordshire County Council Budget consultation 6 12 2021:

Submission for County Budget consultation for 2022 2023 6 12 2021

Submission to consultation on Oxford’s Economic Strategy 5 12 2021:

Submission CATG Oxford’s Economic Strategy 5 12 2021

Submission on Experimental School Streets – Oxford – 29 11 2021

Submission CATG Consultation on Experimental School Streets 29 11 2021

Submission on the Woodstock Road cycle track consultation 28 11 2021

Submission CATG Woodstock Road cycle tracks 28 11 2021

Submission on the 2nd Quickways consultation:

Submission CATG Quickways TWO 12 10 2021

Submission to Government spending and Budget review:

Submission CATG Treasury national spending review 20 9 2021

Submission to the Vision on the Oxford-Cambridge Arc consultation, 19th September 2021:

Submission CATG Vision Ox Cam Arc 19 9 2021

Submission on conversion of building on Barns Rd to 20 flats – needs to be car free development:

To: Planning at Oxford City Council

From: Steve Dawe, Cowley Area Transport Group – www.catg.org.uk

53 Bulan Road Oxford OX3 7HU – 7th September 2021

21/01539/DDW56         DEL – 244 Barns Road

Prior approval for demolition of existing three storey office building (Use Class E) and erection of four storey building to provide 20no. flats (Use Class C3) and provision of bin stores. This application is assessed solely in respect of transport and highway impacts; contamination risks; flooding risks; design; external appearance; provision of adequate natural light; amenity; impacts of noise from commercial premises; impact on business and new residents of increase in residential use in the area; impact on heritage and archaeology; the method of demolition; landscaping; and air traffic and defence asset impacts.


We note that Barns Road is now a CPZ and remains a busy road with congestion in some parts at peak times. We have no objection to this as a change of use. We do, however, want the City Council to ensure that no parking spaces other than for disability/delivery are provided at this location. This is line with the City Council’s Oxford Local Plan 2040 documentation in which new developments are supposed to be so constrained rather than have parking provision. We reiterate previous comments that car parking provision contributes to car movements, and that reductions in both car parking and in road space (for better pavements, cycle tracks and bus lanes) are part of long-term responses to increased traffic journeys noted in the Oxford LCWIP documentation. Alongside restricting parking provision for vehicles please could you ensure that ample cycle parking is provided in this development.








Submission on the transport aspects of the Oxfordshire 2050 proposals, responding to consultation:

Submission CATG Oxfordshire 2050

Submission on Broad Meadow, supporting full pedestrianisation of Broad Street with cycle tracks:

Submission CATG Broad Meadow August 2021

Submission on ‘Quickways’ proposals for Between Towns Road and Church Cowley Road:

Submission CATG quickways July 2021

Submission on England’s Economic Heartland connectivity study Oxford-Milton Keynes:

Submission CATG EEH response MK to Oxford study 24 6 2021

Submission on Old Road Institute of Global Health proposals, traffic implications:

Submission CATG Old Road Campus 16 6 2021

Submission to consultation on Divinity Road, St.Clements and St.Marys Low Traffic Neighbourhoods:

Submission CATG Eastoxfordltns 9 6 2021

Submission on modifications to the Templars Square re-development, with particular reference to cycling:

Submission Templars Square Devt modifications May 2021 S&H-1

Submission on Aviation Tax Reform:

Submission CATG Aviation Fuel Taxation June 2021

Submission on plans for the West End and Osney Mead:

Submission CATG West End and Osney Mead Supplementary Planning Document

Submission on the 2nd stage consultation of the County Council’s draft Local Transport and Connectivity Plan, open until 29th March

Submission CATG Local Transport Connectivity Vision

Submission on the proposed diversion of Footpath 320/80 in Headington, at Warren Crescent:

Submission CATG FP80 5 2 2021 hd

Submission on the transport implications of developments proposed for the Old Marston area:

Submission CATG FINAL Marston Devt 20 1 2021hd

Submission on the Government consultation: Future of Transport, rural strategy:

Submission CATG Future of Transport rural strategy

Submission on e-scooter trial in East Oxford:

Submission CATG E-Scooter trial 16 12 2020

Submission on Cowley area Low Traffic Neighbourhoods:

Submission CATG to Cowley Area LTN proposals

Submission on the proposed local charging scheme for the ‘Zero Emissions Zone’:

Submission CATG Local charging scheme ZEZ

Submission on the Cowley Area Controlled Parking Zone:

Submission CATG Cowley Area CPZ 9 11 2020

Submission to City Air Pollution consultation:

Submission CATG Air Pollution consultation October 2020

Submission to national Pavement Parking consultation, following ban on Pavement Parking in Scotland:

Submission CATG Pavement Parking consultation

Submission on new cycling & walking elements in the Highway Code:

Submission cycling walking Highway Code 6 8 2020

Submission to Oxfordshire Active Travel consultation:

Submission Oxfordshire Active Travel consultation HD

The County Council consulted the community on Oxford City Centre bike racks, this is the CATG submission:

Submission CATG to County consultn City bike parking

Connecting Oxford is about reducing traffic volume and making roads safer for walking and cycling. Cowley Area Transport Group believe that it needs to be far more ambitious. Please see the full report for details.

Submission CATG on Connecting Oxford v2

Our submission on the William Morris Recreation Ground’s retention. Unfortunately, the City Council’s Planning Committee has allowed development on another green space, this one right next to a school, with very negative traffic implications:

Submission on William Morris Recreation Ground

Oxfordshire 2050 is the County Council’s long term vision for the future. Cowley Area Transport Group believe that It does not take the climate emergency into consideration and doesn’t do enough to reduce emissions.

Submission on Oxfordshire 2050