Other Relevant Submissions

Submission on Joint Local Plan Issues consultation for Vale and South Oxfordshire councils, 7 6 2022:

Submission CATG Joint Local Plan Vale SODC 7 6 2022

Submission to DEFRA – Consultation on Environmental Targets, May 2022:

Submission CATG Environmental Targets June 2022

Submission to DEFRA – Consultation on the review of Local Air Quality Management Policy Guidance:

Submission CATG DEFRA Local Air Quality Management May 2022

Submission to Oxfordshire County Council – Oxfordshire Infrastructure Strategy:

Submission CATG Oxfordshire Infrastructure Strategy

Submission to Oxford City Council Oxford Local Plan consultation Issues Paper, PART ONE:

Submission CATG Oxford Local Plan 2040 Issues PART ONE

Submission to Oxford City Council Budget consultation 2021-22

Submission CATG City Budget 2021


Submission Planning White Paper 2020

Submission on the England’s Economic Heartland Scoping report on Transport:

Submission EEH Scoping Report CATG


Submission on the Oxford City Local Plan to 2036: a very critical analysis:

Submission Oxford City Local Plan PERSONAL