Council homes and walking and cycling networks for the West End and Osney Mead?

The current consultation, ending 30th April, on the West End and Osney Mead is in desperate need of major revisions. This area needs a major emphasis on council and keyworker housing, including through using existing buildings. It needs major walking and cycling network additions to help cut traffic in this part of the City, and air pollution with it. See our submission on this:

Submission CATG West End and Osney Mead Supplementary Planning Document

Consultation on Controlled Parking Zones in Oxford

Consultation on Controlled Parking Zones in various parts of Oxford:

Controlled Parking Zones restrict long period vehicle parking in residential areas to local residents. This discourages commuters, mainly from outside Oxford, using residential areas for car parking when they ought to be using public transport, or walking or cycling, or Park and Ride. Consequently, this is good for reducing air pollution from vehicles – with transport being the largest sector for carbon emissions in the UK. The County Council is consulting on new Controlled Parking Zones in specific parts of Oxford. If you live in any of these areas, do respond. The main additional comment you could make to their questionnaire is that your area needs to become a Low Traffic Neighbourhood as well – which would further discourage vehicle movements. The consultation covers these areas:

Donnington Iffley Blackbird Leys
Littlemore North Rose Hill Greater Leys
Barton Upper Wolvercote Littlemore South
Risinghurst Lower Wolvercote  
 South Oxford Jordan Hill