Air quality is damaged by fossil fuels use – notably from surface transport, aviation and shipping and emissions from buildings. Opportunity for engaging with this issue: By 6th June, do respond to the DEFRA consultation on reviewing how air quality management is being done in the UK. For help, see a Cowley Area Transport Group submission to this consultation under OTHER RELEVANT SUBMISSIONS at The consultation questions, quite brief, at at:…/consultation-on-the…/

Protect the LTNs in Cowley

Some key arguments about the need for Low Traffic Neighbourhoods in Cowley, and throughout the whole of Oxford: SEE Oxfordshire County Council consultation on the Cowley LTNs, ending 19/11 – on their website.

“Reducing traffic will make Church Cowley, Florence Park and Temple Cowley safer than at present for cyclists and pedestrians. The Climate Emergency requires that we make deep cuts in greenhouse gas emissions and transport is the major sector for emissions from the UK. The World Health Organisation estimates deaths from all sources of air pollution in the UK to be about 64,000 per year. This is all about making our neighbourhoods better places to live and increasing the sense of community.”